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I'm surprised no one has mentioned this

I'm new here  interesting website. However, I’m surprised to see no one is talking about the Tour Academy Home Edition. It looked good but in the beginning there weren’t many reviews about it and I wa

RE: What's your biggest course "pet peeve"?

Poor conditions. Which is contributed to by people who do not follow the 90 degree rule. #1 is courses not letting you know they have aerified or overseeded. As for fivesomes they should never be

RE: Where do you do your golf shopping?

I try to use the pro shop at my CC as much as possible but as is expected their prices can be high. Most of the time I use the web but get things from Golfsmith or Dicks sporting goods sites. Dicks

What's your biggest course "pet peeve"?

What bugs you the most to see on a golf course? I always hate it when people try to act like pros, and spend forever lining up only to flunk it off into the woods. OR when people pair up with their bu

What's the perfect golf temperature?

This will probably vary because we all live in areas, but I'm curious regardless. What temperature do you like to golf at? In the summer, we average around 70, but I think 75 degrees makes for a perfe

How far in advance do you make reservations?

If you're the type of person that makes reservations to go golfing, how early do you make them? I've found that you can make them two or three days early and get a decent tee time, for like the weeken

Picky about golf balls?

I've noticed that a lot of professionals are picky about their ball; for example, the number, or that they each have the same signature on them. Can you relate to this in any way?When I was younger, I

How long should you spend stretching?

I think we can all agree that getting to the course and running onto the tee isn't good for anyone. In an ideal world, how early should a golfer arrive to get his stretching and warmups in?I'd shoot f

pandaa's bag!

Here's my bag, I need to give these bad boys some exercise! Driver - Ping G10 (10.5)Irons - Ping S57 (3-PW)Wedges - Nike VR (52,56)Putter - Rossa TM-770And I forget the make of my bag. What do you thi

Where do you do your golf shopping?

It's not everyday you find a store dedicated to golf these days. Years before, you could find small golf stores near parks and recreational spots. Now, it's pretty much up to chain stores like Model's

Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn?

The Tiger Woods' stories never seem to come to an end these days. Apparently, Tiger is dating again, and this time, it's someone named Lindsey Vonn. The pictures are up on facebook for those who are

David Gates' Closing Up

This isn't really new, as David Gates' headquarters was announced to be closed in 2009. But years later, they're claiming to do it. I think large chain stores like Dick's Sporting Goods have killed o